22 June 2010

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

We've Leap-Frogged 100+ Google Pages to Page One in Less Than Two Months

Here's how we did it (and how you can too!)

Recently, we've spent a fair bit of time specially selecting companies to talk to who we know could benefit significantly from SEO.

And when we say benefit, we mean bring in stacks more cash over time, and brand new customers with relatively little effort.

Wherever possible, we like to practise what we preach, so what better way than to tell you how we ourselves are zipping like lightning up the Google rankings, using the same effective techniques we offer to you?

So, what has SEO done for us so far? And how much has it earned us in two months?

We've already sky-rocketed from being on page 100+ for "branding Nottingham" to page one in less than just two months!

And that's not all. The magnetic power of our professionally-written landing pages (which act as a kind of turbo boost to each key phrase we use) have already netted us one client, with an initial project worth at least £3,000.

Now, I know what you're thinking: we're not based in Nottingham, so why would we want to buy that phrase? It's the power of lateral thinking. We're not in Nottingham, but we want customers who are (it's only a half-hour drive down the road, and for the quality of advice and support you get, it's more than worth it!)

You might also be wondering what landing pages are and how they help in this process.

Are you sitting by a computer? Type in "branding Nottingham" right now. Find us on page one of Google.  Notice how, before you even click on it, the copy which appears under the link heading is addressing you, as someone searching for "branding in Nottingham".

Now click on it. It's almost talking to you, isn't it? And it's incorporating little-known techniques with hidden commands which increase the desire to act on what is being said. And it's taking you straight to a page which is relevant to your needs. Be honest - can you really do all this for yourself?

Not only that, but if you look in the address bar at the top, you'll see this: http://www.fdcstudio.co.uk/branding-nottingham

This is also part of our cunning (and already amazingly successful) plan. It's called a Pretty URL, or PURL. This means it's a web page address that Google can understand and decipher, rather than the impossible-to-read ones with question marks, percentage signs and general gobbledigook.

There is other stuff that we're doing in conjunction with our SEO campaign, but you'll have to drop us a line if you want to know more! Call now on 0844 414 2687 and ask for Rebecca or Gregg.

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