17 March 2016

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Ways to Optimise Your Website in 2016

Nowadays people generally use the internet to access the instant, endless sources of information available. In order to get people to buy your products or service, you have to make it stupidly easy for them. Otherwise, they will simply go elsewhere that can provide the easy, seamless service they require.

Customers want to find everything they can on your website without asking any questions or any handholding.

This mantra also holds true, if not more true, for smartphone and tablet users.

Aside from Google, it is highly probable that we will never know the full details of Google’s algorithm. So how can you create a user experience that is sure to be well-received? The FDC Studio team hope to significantly impact your SEO strategy in a positive way.

Content, content, content

This word is thrown around a lot nowadays and for good reason. The current standing structure of the Internet is moving away from fancy designs and graphics to more toward engaging content and simpler interfaces.

Even keywords alone are now in a state of decline and are in need of being attached some sense of context - in the form of quality content.

Search engine algorithms are now presumably structured around quality content over the previous mere use of vague keywords.


We now all live in a world where many strive to acquire a high volume of resources with a minimal amount of effort. As providers of a service, it could be argued that we have the responsibility of delivering a website which runs quickly and reliably.


Yes, you’ve heard the rumours. Mobilegeddon is coming. Big websites have been preparing for this for some time now but many are still yet to join the revolution. Make sure yours doesn’t get left behind.

Google have mentioned that their algorithm favours responsively designed sites over other forms of optimisation for mobile and businesses must use this to their advantage by moving with the times.

Internal Links

Links are important in this SEO game. In order to allow Google to better understand your website and tap into the full potential of Google’s power, you need to show the Google robots how to crawl and receive your website’s data. Another way of achieving this is by internal links within the structure of your website.

As long as these internal links are both relevant and somewhat necessary to delivering a more engaging experience for your users, Google will better understand the way your website works and the angle of your business.

So always remember, although Google is one of the most powerful online systems, it still does not understand your website in the same way a human would! Make it easy for Google to understand your website structure and content and you will be rewarded for your efforts - simple!

This is not an easy feat for some businesses without the technical knowhow. FDC Studio are Leicester-based experts in web design and digital marketing for businesses, including SEO and PPC advertising.

Contact FDC Studio and book a free consultation to see how we can help your organisation reach its business objectives.

Ways to Optimise Your Website in 2016


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