11 March 2016

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URLs and users need to be BFFs

It’s the age old user friendly thing again and I cannot stress the importance of it enough. One thing that can significantly improve user experience is having a user friendly URL.
For example, would you rather see this:


or this:


It is very unlikely that you are going to be able to gather any information whatsoever about the page from the first URL. Don’t forget that the URL is also an element that shows up on the query page, and if this appears sloppy because of the unclear labels it can sometimes be off-putting, not to mention Google would find it harder to crawl and if we want Google to do anything, it’s crawl.

Being off-putting isn’t the only downside to having unclear URLs. If someone else uses your URL in their blog or on their website, having a clear URL label can be extremely advantageous. For one, when Google is crawling all the websites and it comes across your URL on someone else’s page that is clearly labelled, it can identify and connect all the links together a lot better, which only yields better results for you in the long run.

Although a well-structured, clearly labelled URL is great for the user, it is also a lot easier for Google to understand and helps both to understand more about the page.

In addition to this, the URL is something that can have an impact on the ease with which Google can crawl your website. If you have better structured URLs, Google will be able to crawl it better, meaning better rankings for you provided you are doing other things right, too.

So, in summary:

- Try not to use long, unclear URLs for your webpages.
- Don’t choose broad names like “firstpage”.
- Try not to cramp in too many keywords just for the sake of it e.g. “keywordkey-wordkeyword” as this won’t help in any way and can possibly be even worse.

If you would like to know more about URLs or URL labelling, contact FDC Studio and see what we can do for you.

URLs and users need to be BFFs


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