4 April 2017

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Is SEO Really Important for Your Business?

You see companies doing whatever it takes to improve their search engine rankings, fixing and changing their SEO strategies from time to time and investing heavily in it just to get it right somehow – why?

Truth is, even as we progress through the year 2017, SEO remains an important aspect of the overall business marketing strategy in the digital world. Keeping the technical aspects of Google algorithms and keyword optimization, SEO still offers a host of benefits to businesses online that are just too substantial to ignore.

So what makes SEO that important? Let’s find out.

It Helps You Target the Right Customers

With every other form of digital marketing, targeting the right customer base is not as simple as it is with SEO. One of the major reasons for this is the fact that SEO operates on the basis of relevant keywords. Take for example; you are a handbag manufacturing brand-A catering to the elite society women – you have an online store and a social media pages. Ideally, your social media pages would have extensive following most of which would never buy your handbags; those who will, will simply go and type “buy brand-A handbags” on Google and land directly at your online store directly to buy your product.

With social media marketing you require the know-how of WHERE to find your customers. With SEO, the customers find you – given you are optimizing the right set of keywords!

It Keeps the Traffic Flowing

SEO can be your free source of organic traffic. For the most part, SEO-driven traffic consists of genuine buyers who want to buy what you’re selling, and these people keep coming. Having a proper SEO- marketing strategy is more like a one-time investment that keeps generating traffic for you. Yes, you will need to update and upgrade your target keywords and strategies according to the changing markets and Google algorithms, but as long as you’re doing so, there will always be someone who wants to buy the brand-A handbags!

The Trust Factor

We’re all aware of the fact that the right SEO strategy helps a website rank better on search engines, but there is an additional advantage that comes along with this – it’s the positive perception that builds in the mind of the audience as they start viewing your web links as the best of the best because you appear on the first page of a Google search listing. It catches immediate attention, establishes a valuable connection, and builds lasting trust. It gives your business the credibility potential customers look for when they’re looking for the right vendors.

It Paves Way for Further Possibilities

When you’re on top of your SEO game and take the time to generate quality content with targeted keywords on a regular basis, Google may start ranking you for related keywords that most of the time you don’t even think of. This brings additional exposure and opportunity for your business. This happens all the time, bringing countless new conversions for businesses along with valuable suggestions of areas and niches that can be targeted to expand further.

Think you need all this for your business to grow by acutely targeting and driving the right traffic from Google to your business website? Get in touch with us! Our resident SEO experts can provide effective counsel and result-oriented SEO strategies to hit bull’s eye.


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