12 August 2011

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is Just As Important As Design

Why do people spend fortunes on a website and then don’t market it. The internet has become a graveyard for websites and companies alike.

What is happening to it? Well that’s simple. People aren’t marketing their websites and they quickly become forgotten. This is where SEO can help you, and if you set aside some money once your website has gone live to increase the awareness of your site through search engine marketing; you’ll be able to get the awareness you were after when you decided to go to a design agency like FDC and ask them to design you a website.

SEO has to be done by professionals if not you’ll basically be throwing money down the drain and no one wants that. So call our SEO expert Alex Mason, hopefully he’ll be able to separate what you need to know from what you don’t. And get your online marketing strategy well under way.

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