4 August 2011

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO: How to Optimize Your Domain Name

It’s easy to choose a domain name; it’s just a case of picking one that suits you, but is becoming a more important process. If you want your website to become a revenue generated system then optimising it for SEO purposes is the best way to go. Initially it’s important to optimising the different parts of your website from a content and link perspective, but looking into optimising your domain name can be one of the best strategies.

There are a few vital points that you should follow when deciding upon a domain name:

    • It’s important to pick a domain name that is unique – the reason for this is that you want to build your brand around this domain name. Problems occur when your name is similar to another website as this creates confusion between the two parties. This will only benefit the domain name that came ahead of you in the rankings.
    • Ensure that your domain name is easy to type, remember and encode. This is simple to explain, and it’s common sense to make your domains easy for people to remember but lengthy domains that have confusing structures can give opportunity to typographical errors; plus they usually don’t look as professional.
    • It must be a top level domain, if you’re servicing only the UK then the domain ‘co.uk’ is perfect, if you have a wider audience then ‘.com’ is preferable.



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