2 December 2011

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SEO Copywriting: The real power of language

What makes content powerful? A lot of copywriters spend a vast amount of time coming up with highly original, exciting, and meaningful content to go in product descriptions, blogs, advertising campaigns etc. And whilst to the reader these articles may be interesting and engaging, they do not always empower companies to sell online.

From the dawn of keyword targeting, the dynamics of online content have dramatically shifted in recent years. And because of this, the power of words has evolved. Let’s look at an example. Which of these two words resonate more with you? 

SUCCESS                                                         CAR

Because meaning is inherent, human brains are hardwired to give greater significance to some words more than others. So, in ourhow to write seo copy example above, “Success” is a much more emotive, dominant word at face value, whereas “Car” is rather ordinary, functional, and limited in its appeal. This is why we use idealistic language in marketing; it engages the reader and invites them to imagine a world enhanced by the particular product. And certainly, this is great for traditional marketing purposes. Let’s look at the two words again; however, this time we have included the amount of monthly local searches each word receives.

SUCCESS- 450,000

CAR- 45,500,000

Did you spot the difference?

45,050,000 more searches are carried out for “Car” than “Success” each month. The commercial intent of those searches is greater, meaning the power of a word like “Car” is considerably more valuable than a word like how to write seo content“Success”, despite the fact that it sounds more impressive. Because of this, SEO copywriters have a unique challenge in creating content that not only attracts traffic, but is sales-oriented and ignites the reader’s imagination. When you next look at your website, think about the keywords your business is trying to target as part of your search marketing strategy. Does the copy include prominent keywords, unique information, and appropriate calls-to-action? If not, then perhaps it’s time to review.

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By Adam Cowlishaw


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