29 February 2016

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The power of Google Plus and SEO

Google Plus is the fifth most popular social network in the world, with over 120k estimated unique visitors per month! It is Google’s version of social media. However, what most people don’t know is how Google + is an ever increasing network that helps search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google + is everything under one roof. It lets users post messages, websites, videos, lets you comment and vote on posts. It’s circle feature allows users to have a list of friends, which you can personalise and stream news feeds.
The great thing about Google Plus is that it’s not just a tool to stay connected with others. Google actually uses all this data it collects and ties it in with the information about users’ interests and this is how SEO and Google Plus are integrated.

For example, the relationship between Google + and SEO provides a direct benefit to Google as it immensely enriches the data has from Google users. As people create profiles and stay signed into Google whilst using the web, Google easily tracks and ties the information about their interests. Data capture is increased when users use Google +, whether they are simply +1’ing content or actively sharing and engaging on the network. This data then enables Google to better personalise and target both organic search results.

Using Google + can impact search results through crawling and indexing straight away. The more your content is shared on Google + the better chances you have of increasing your visibility. Personalisation can also impact SEO. This means that if someone is following you on Google+, or follows someone who shares/re-shares/+1s your content, that content will show up significantly higher in the search results than it otherwise would. Google + is also optimised for semantic relevance this means that Google Plus characterises each post like a blog post unlike Facebook and Twitter. Each post has its own URL, the first 45-50 characters are shown in the title tag and when re-shared it can accumulate internal links.

Finally, the more popular, high quality articles an author writes, the more visibility associated articles receive. Once you establish yourself as a reliable provider of excellent content, Google Plus rewards you with better search results.

It is important to understand the power of +1. Google +1 is an important part of any Google+ based strategy and proves to be incredibly useful for SEO. How? By installing the Google +1 button on your website, gives you a chance to promote your content and increase the authenticity of your website. Therefore, the more +1s, the better visibility for your content.

More and more businesses are starting to use Google Plus because they have realised the benefits and importance it has with SEO. So if you are a new business or you have not set up a Google Account yet, get in touch with us at FDC Leicester to find out how opening a Google Account can benefit your business.

The power of Google Plus and SEO


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