24 July 2012

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Making Money Online - Why SEO & Digital Marketing is paramount

It takes plenty more than a flash design for a website to achieve commercial success… SEO and digital marketing are two different concepts sharing the same common ground. The goal of SEO is to acquire the highest possible search engine rank (predominantly in Google as they boast an 80%+ market share). Digital marketing is similar to internet marketing but encompasses all types of digital media, comprising of mobile devices, websites, instant messages and SMS amongst other mediums.

In an age where successfully communicating a business message means formulating and implementing comprehensive online strategies, any business which fails to recognise the power of SEO and Digital Marketing shouldn’t expect to climb very far. Did you find this blog through Google? The probability that you did is high – but how did we get indexed? Extensive keyword research, Google ranks achieved through organic link building and a fully optimised web page each play a part.

There are of course, options which require an injection of finance which can work hand in hand with the above. Pay per Click (PPC) is one paid option that Google offers to enhance a website’s visibility in targeted results, I.e. you pay Google a fee when you advert is clicked because Google facilitated your websites visibility in the rankings. We do however stress that a PPC campaign should always be launched in conjunction with organic strategies.

  • Audiences spend an average of 15x more time viewing natural results than paid results
  • 77% of users click on organic results
  • 86% of conversions from search engines are through organic listings
  • 40% of SEO campaigns achieve returns in excess of 500%

Organic search is a trusted means of search. A robust digital marketing strategy will drive healthier results if the core of that approach is SEO. Production of a profitable web page requires a long lasting, quality rich solution…quick fixes will never truly accomplish objectives. Steady measurable growth in links and fresh, unique content is what Google praises. Consider these points and the successful attraction of visitors and conversion of clicks to sales will inevitably follow…

By Sam Hurley





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