29 January 2013

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Keywords – Getting Them Right

Throughout any industry, it is always a necessity to determine business objectives with the consumer in mind. The exact same principle applies when modelling your targeted SEO strategy and keywords…


Imagine you are selling your house. Your house has rooms with bright purple walls, orange splatters of paint here and there, and rustic furniture – which was perfect for you, you loved it! But what are the chances of anyone else liking it? Well, in all honesty, pretty slim…

A nose surgeon with his own practice in Liverpool is dead set on hitting the top spots with the keywords ‘Rhinoplasty Surgeon’ and ‘Septoplasty’. In his industry, these are the most likely terms for which doctors and specialists use to describe such surgery and professions. However, within the general population, how many people will enter these keywords into Google?

Much more likely suggestions for keywords are ‘Nose Surgery Liverpool’ and ‘Nose Specialist Liverpool’. With this approach, we are drilling down into localised areas (making it far easier to rank for) and also using terms which the average person would first think of when searching. Makes sense, right?

On-Site Optimisation

Now the appropriate keywords have been chosen, we can focus on optimising the content of each page of the site in alignment. A single or couple of keywords should be used on each page to the density of 2%-3%, matching with the title, meta description and heading tag keywords. This ensures that Google will approve your page as your content is consistent, relevant to topic and informative. But remember, unique content is a must! Never copy your content from anywhere else on the web.


With the mentioned actions in place, it is purely a waiting game. You can however, encourage the indexing process by submitting your sitemap to Google through Webmaster Tools. After your site has been crawled you can expect to see some worthwhile results...

By Sam Hurley


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