2 August 2012

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The importance of Fresh Content & its necessity for SEO

Websites with a constant stream of new, relevant and unique content are what search engines deem as quality rich domains, inevitably resulting in those sought after high ranks.

Google’s crawlers are always on the lookout for new, unique content. In order to be indexed in the rankings, your site requires recognition as a worthwhile source of information to an audience of searchers. This is how Google works, and this is how your website can succeed...or fail.

As searchers, we utilise the power of the internet to seek information - users are more demanding for this information than ever before.  It is important for a business owner to keep this in mind when structuring their website. Recency, frequency and value of content are key. An easy, streamlined experience is what the user wants.

Adding Fresh Content

A proactive and open-minded approach is needed by the owner. Scour your site and update any stagnant content which is old and boring to both user and algorithm. Even if your content is perfectly written, inspiring and interesting - consider rewriting it monthly to show the search engines how ‘new’ your information is. To make the process easier, save a few versions of copy and simply swap them over intermittently. Think of your content as fruit – everyone wants fresh fruit, right?

A blog is probably the most effective way to accompany your site with a steady flow of fresh material.

Although to most eyes a separate existence, the parent website will benefit from the authority which the blog gains through its content (providing it is on the same domain).

On-site social media commenting is an exceptionally easy way of adding fresh content. The odd comment moderation is sometimes all it takes; the rest is in the hands of the public. One comment can spiral into many instances of engagement between users, creating even further content. It’s a win-win.

Incorporate product review sections to your site if you are a seller, and a usability review or other type of reviewing system if your website’s sole purpose is to provide information on a product or service. What matters is the addition of unique content and once more, the public will do the hard work for you.

Finally, enhance your site by adding new, information rich and relevant pages every month. If you’re racked for ideas, take a look through Google for inspiration – after all, that’s the whole topic of this blog post. Never view your work as complete - A forever changing online environment demands a constantly improving website!

By Sam Hurley


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