21 March 2014

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Have you noticed how Google has changed the Search Engine Results Page?

The font looks slightly different and the title font is bigger. But the question you should be asking yourself is, will this have any influence on my website SEO?

The answer is, YES!

How? You may be thinking.

The title tag plays a big part when it comes to SEO, so the change in size and font may have bigger implications then you may think. The look and feel of your website title and description on Googles SERP can have big influence on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and how much sense it makes to the reader. This new change is more about the space available(pixel width) rather than the number of characters you can use as certain characters such as ‘w’ or ‘m’ will take up more space than the letter ‘i’ and ‘l’. And then you have Capital letters taking up more space!

The thing to take note of is a title that’s slightly too long, just over the cut-off mark will actually be shorter than a title that just fits within the width available, this is due to the space required for ‘…’ basically, this content continues…

So what is this magic Google pixel width? Google has set a width limit of 512 pixels, anything over this width Google will truncate the title with CSS. Google now uses 18px Arial for the title element, but Google can change this at any time. Don’t worry we’ll keep you informed.

From a technical point of view google won’t start dropping you down the rankings if you have more than 55 characters in your title tag, but it will influence human user interaction.


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