15 December 2010

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Have a Cup of SEO Why Don't You

I use Google every time I need to find information. Any information - from world news to the weather. But before I started my career in copywriting, I never actually knew how Google worked. And I certainly didn't know what 'SEO' stood for.

But now I do: search engine optimisation.

SEO is about improving the visibility of your web page via search engines. This is now an incredibly important marketing technique. And considering that 90 per cent of searches on the internet are done through Google, you cannot afford to give the mother of all search engines the cold shoulder.

As soon as I began to understand how important Google is my initial thought was: if you are a business and spending hundreds (or thousands) of pounds on a smart new website, and you aren't taking advantage of SEO to help you move up the search engine rankings, you may as well chuck your money down the toilet.

The mechanics of SEO are complex and I still don't understand how it works completely, which is enough to realise that if I had a company I would speak to a professional SEO specialist without hesitation.

SEO is an essential marketing technique, and there will be many more blog posts from the experts here at FDC offering advice about SEO this year. But as you get started don't expect results overnight. You need to earn your brownie points with sites like Google, then over the months you will begin to see your hard work pay off.


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