6 February 2014

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Foursquare Gets $15M and Licensing Deal from Microsoft, but what does that mean?

On Tuesday 4th February it was announced that Foursquare, a location based social networking site for mobile devices such as smartphones received $15 million in funding from Microsoft.

This funding form a partnership between Foursquare and Microsoft, where Foursquare will be contributing towards Bing’s location and context layers on both Windows 8 and Windows phone.

From a commercial and social networking point of view we need to see how this news will influence Google and if they’ll be stepping up to stay ahead of the game. As a business you should be using Google places to display the location of your business on Google Maps, now with the news form Foursquare more people will take advantage of Bings Places.

As a Foursquare user what does this mean?

Bing and Foursquare will be handing users off to one another with contextual data, this means as a user you’ll be receiving improved search results about what you are searching for and where you are.


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