14 March 2013

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Exact Match Domains

Around 2-3 years ago in the boom of traditional SEO, (or as the SEO it was most well-known for) exact match domains where like gold dust.

Everyone with a niche was cherry picking the best ones as quickly as they could. Today there are very few variations left and those that are… well they don’t really matter anymore anyway, read on and I’ll tell you why.

Domain URL’s that are directly related to the content of a website by the same keywords are certainly a good way to introduce a permanent on page SEO technique. However this is not so much the primo factor in good SEO and won’t get you found as well as it used to.

Furthermore a descriptive URL may sound like a good option but if a new domain is registered and linked to an existing website then the kudos received because of the age that the current domain holds, will be lost. Google as a search engine puts more trust into domains with a history and those that are older in age than other newly registered counterparts.

Multiple domains can be useful in SEO if you have domain names that are keyword rich and are to do with your product and or service, but there is a downside to this too. Multiple URLs can dilute SEO efforts and reduce the recognition and identity your websites URL will create.

It’s like having more than one name, it’s confusing and it isn’t best practice for an established enterprise.


I recommend you keep the domain you currently have and build on its online footprint for the keywords and key phrases you want it to be found for.

Quality content is what search engines like Google want to see. So if your website has fresh content being added to it regularly with proper formatting and on page SEO the rankings should follow for the individual articles published.

I suggest you ensure you follow SEO best practice when creating new content and ping your site to search engines each and every time you write new content, this way they will automatically visit your site and index the content written.

Finally; good SEO is about collateral and weight, so the more content you have on your website about a certain topic or subject and the fresher its addition to your site, the higher you will rank. Becoming the authority on your subject matter is key; on page SEO is secondary and off page SEO is bate to keep search engines interested.


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