4 March 2013

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Does Your SEO Strategy Utilise Co-citation?

With the changes in Google’s algorithms, it can be said that the world of SEO is always changing as the search engine is constantly striving for more accurate search results.

Whilst these updates introduce new SEO Strategymethods of SEO, they are also responsible for bringing back old techniques that were previously seen as outdated. For instance, after having its heyday many years ago, 2013 is seeing the return of co-citation as one of the major ranking factors when placing website in search results… but what is co-citation and how does it work?

Co-Citation – Things to Consider

1.       Link juice works both ways

Whilst a lot of digital marketers think links are all about who is pointing to you, there is also some merit in having your site link to external companies. Whilst inbound links to your site achieves a higher DA (Domain Authority), Page rank and in turn, traffic, the importance of outbound links is commonly overlooked.

2.       Link without benefiting your competition

Whilst linking to external sites can help boost your rankings, linking to the wrong people can be counterproductive and can, in fact, work against you.

By linking to your competitors, you are giving them a thumbs up which, obviously, isn’t going to help your own business. When making links, only link to relevant sites that are not your direct competitors.

3.       Consider the quality of your links

In a similar way that linking to a quality, high DA site will benefit your business, linking to poor quality websites will reflect badly on your site – making it appear spammy and devaluing your site when Google comes to rank your page.

By Sarah-Jayne

Image by David Saunders


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