10 August 2011

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Content Is King and SEO Is Queen

When you sit at your computer and tap a search query into Google the search engine’s primary job is to return you with a list of results that match what you’re looking for, and the secondary role of search engines is to order the results by relevance and importance so the first link should be the answer you are looking for.

Company owners want their sites to appear at the top of search engines in a range of queries that are related to their business, products and services.

The problem with this pretty picture is that content on most websites is just thrown together with little thought for the people reading it and the Google spiders crawling through it analysing its relevance. The typical process of having a homepage, about us, list of products and services and a contact us page lacks imagination. Let’s create a scenario; Stewart and Jane are having a wedding reception at their house and they are after caterers. They are going to type into Google ‘affordable catering company’.

What are the results going to be like? In most sectors all that appears is a load of brochure sites listing their products and services.This is fine, but won’t help.

The search engine uses around 200 criteria to decide which website to rank first and all the majority of approaches are to generate as many links possible to their site and thus inflating the value of their site. The standard approach to SEO is to artificially generate links to inflate the value of a site and this is where things begin to go wrong.

The problem is 90 per cent of SEO is done back-to-front and most SEO companies are providing this service. Now the internet is like a big old conversation. There are blogs, social networks, forums, message boards and within them a whole ecosystem of people talking about the same things you are interested in. The best way to get links from other sites is to create unique, relevant content that will be popular with your prospective customers. When conversations happen people find out answers to their problems. 

We’re going to finish on a cliché. At the end of the day you still have to build a well structured page and generate the initial links which will help the amount of traffic to your site flourish, but to really complete and exterminate the competition you need to build great content that answers the informational requirements of your users. 

SEO experts and excellent writers are never far away and at FDC we offer both so if this article has raised a few eyebrows then please give us a call and we can have a chat about what we can offer you.

Remember content is king and SEO is Queen...

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