22 February 2013

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Boost Your Rankings With On-Page SEO

Anyone with basic knowledge of SEO will know that it takes a number of factors to boost rankings – one of these factors being on-page optimisation. But what is on-page SEO? How do you do it?

Search for synonyms

The idea of using synonyms to create an SEO plan to boost your business isn’t exactly a new thing, however, a lot of the time, finding these synonyms isn’t done in the right way!

Personally, I’d use Google when trying to find synonyms as not only can you find these synonyms but you can see how well (or not, as the case may be) they are ranking for potential competitors – killing two birds with stone and saving yourself a lot of time.

In the same way you can use the minus symbol (-) to create search results excluding a particular word or phrase, you can use the tilde symbol (~) to return search results based around synonyms of your search term.

Link and get links

Obviously, if a high DA website is linking to your page, Google can see that a site with relative importance is, in effect, giving your website a thumbs up. With this link, the website is telling Google that your site is of some merit – which Google will take into account when ranking your website in its search engine. 

In terms of these links, the more natural the better! For instance if you post a comment on a blog post that is relevant to your business, product or service with an anchor text linking back to your site, Google recognises this as a more natural way of linking as opposed to a deliberate attempt at boosting your rankings.   Search Engine Optimisation

Search signals

Google pays attention to the mood and attitude of the content so make sure you are writing content that is actually interesting and makes people want to read it, like it, share it, tweet it etc.
By having content that sounds like it is written by a real person with a real personality as opposed to a robot, Google is more likely to positively rank a page.

Aside from this, reviews, fresh content and consistent context can also help to boost the way in which Google ranks your page.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver

Image by Jason.IT


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