23 October 2014

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Are you flying high or falling off the radars?

We have important news about a topic which will definitely have an impact on your website - particularly with the potential of your digital revenue!

With the online world going crazy since Google launched a new 3.0 penguin algorithm last week, it’s that time again where marketers and SEO fanatics try to work out what's changed. These changes will probably have a huge effect on your website as well!


There are millions of active web sites on the internet today - therefore trailing through all of these results to find the information most suited and helpful to your search is monumental.

Your website is one of the million.

Google wants websites at the top of their results page which are the most relevant to your needs, to give you the highest user experience. To find them, Google uses many indicators, factors, and signals to see how satisfied the user is with the search results.

The way Google ranks the pages is sending robots out to the virtual world to crawl through all the web sites and collect the signals. It is an automated process where software’s inspect software’s. The only way this happens is using mathematical instructions that tell computers how to complete assigned tasks such as picking out the most relevant and high quality page results, using algorithms.

For example if 10 out of 10 visitors turn away from your website within 1 second is a sign that your website does not generate a high user experience. There are thousands of indicators like this and they all relate to each other. Every time a robot (googlebot) crawls though the pages on your site, this algorithm runs to rate your page. There is more than one algorithm like this operating at the same time, known as the Penguin and the Panda. As time goes on and the internet expands, who knows, Google might come up with a whole zoo.

Ultimately, Google want to achieve a high customer experience when using its search engine. The more people are satisfied, the more they will use it. The more they use it the more money Google generates. This is the goal for Google.

On the other hand, website owners want to be the first on Google’s list because the first position drives the highest revenue. They want to be first; even though they are not giving the highest user experience.

When someone`s website does not deserve to be the first position but that person wants to be there, this is the stage when they need SEO expert to help. Basically an expert can do two things.

First is to take care of the site HELPING the robots to create the right signals. The second is to CHEAT the robots to create better signals than your site deserves. To cheat the robots, you need to know the algorithm to highlight the weak points, and use it to your advantage. For example, if you know the bounce rate is a factor of ranking your page, you can try to turn the back button off, so no one can click it. This way you will have a 0% bounce rate but the end level of the user experience of your site is still under the ass of a frog.

You must realise, nobody knows what exact changes have been made in the algorithm. (Yes, there are a couple of guys locked in the headquarters of Google, who manage the algorithm, but no information is leaking from them). Due to the fact this exact algorithm is one of the biggest secrets of the world, like the recipe of Coca Cola, the SEO experts needs find out how the algorithm works. The way to figure it out is by testing, making different changes on different websites to see the effects.

So this is a kind of continuous fight between Google and the SEO experts. One side wants to figure out how the algorithms work; the other side tries to make the algorithm better to reduce the chance of cheats.

A new battle started last Friday at 2am (even the exact launching date is secret), when Google came out with the newest algorithm called Penguin 3.0. It means there was 2.0 and 1.0 versions before and be sure there will be 4.0 in the future.

That is why the SEO world is in flames these days, the forums are hectic, some expert went mad because they got hit and some are smiling. The biggest SEO experts are quiet, they are testing, and trying to figure out what was the backbone of the changes. Others are waiting, because the launching of the new algorithm will take weeks. The second and third level SEO “experts” are loud, shouting on google while their websites fall off the radar.

Here at FDC we are not doing anything, except watching what is going on. Checking our client’s accounts and being updated with the latest news. We do not believe in over optimising pages, especially not on the off page SEO parts. We do not recommend being depended on just SEO. It is an important element of digital marketing but only one element out of a dozen.

So far it seems the new algorithm changes are focusing on the quality of backlinks. Again…..It seems to be the links blogs which are not that important anymore. Links from social media are becoming more important. We guess so because we checked several sites and listed the differences of the portfolio of the elements of SEO.

A client who did not focus on aggressive link building but who took care of social media could get a positive increase because of the changes, like this:

We highly recommend to you to check your rankings, did yours increase during the periods of the 18th and 19th? Have you been hit?

We are getting to the world where we can find websites on the first SERP, which are supposed to be there. Not the ones who are paying for SEO, not taking care of the quality of their websites, and not taking care of their visitor experience. It is a fact - we cannot do anything against it.

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