4 April 2017

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3 Big SEO Mistakes That Is Limiting Your Marketing Efforts

A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is the cornerstone to your digital marketing leadership and edge over competition. It can help generate traffic and help you meet high conversion rates to maintain strong customer sales. But, despite being the foundation of digital marketing practices, many firms still struggle with poor SEO practices that only jeopardize their online marketing efforts to secure a more dominant web presence and position themselves in the eyes of their core customers.

If are an online business or company that runs SEO marketing campaigns or is considering initiating one, here are 5 SEO mistakes you cannot afford to make.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Since SEO primarily focuses on keywords, it is no surprise why so many digital marketing campaigns fail when the right keywords are not taken advantage of. Using wrong or ambiguous keywords that do not resonate fully with customers or do not relate to a specific market segment or niche of customers will only limit your online marketing efforts. This is especially important for companies that are selling products and services to customers in different countries where cultural, religious and colloquial factors are different.

Make sure you use specific keywords that help customers narrow down their searches to specific areas or locations or specific aspects. For example, if you are a shoe company that specializes in selling men’s footwear, don’t just incorporate the keywords ‘shoes’. Instead, keep it more specific with keywords such as ‘men’s shoes in London’.

Giving More Weight to Quantity Instead Of Quality

SEO can help you get results only as long as you use it in the proper way. For improving search engine rankings of a page, many firms will overload keywords or links in an effort to drive higher views. However, this is not how SEO operates anymore. With the current revisions on Google and other search engines, the quality of links and keywords is given more weight in influencing search engine ranking results. So instead of incorporating 10 different links, just use 3 links from highly credible websites or sources to enhance SEO results.

Not Using Analytics to See Conversion Rates

Online businesses need to understand that there is no one-size- fits-all SEO strategy that can work for any business. More specifically, there is no one SEO strategy that can work for one business time and time again. This is why it is crucial to monitor and check how certain SEO aspects influence conversion rates and what don’t. Keeping track of these factors can help you readjust your SEO efforts and create more customer-focused SEO campaigns.

However, not many online businesses take advantage of SEO analytics and do a deep study into how their website visitors turn or not turn into potential customers.

For any online business to take SEO to its fullest potential, it must be recognizant and in tune with the evolving best practices to optimize its conversion rates. FDC Studio offers quality and comprehensive SEO services to catapult your marketing efforts to substantial sales and profits. For more information, please contact us today.


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