8 March 2016


Why Struggling Businesses Need to Embrace PPC Advertising

Google’s changes to the way its results page displays ads have been implemented in full force globally for a short while now and businesses on Google have been adjusting accordingly.

But what do these changes mean for your business and where do you go from here?

These are just a couple of the questions that you need to be asking yourself in order to effectively plan the next steps for your business.

It has recently become clear that businesses struggling amongst the sea of competition on Google’s results page may be in dire need of Google’s Adwords service.

SEO has become an enormously hard task for some businesses and the sad fact of the matter for businesses struggling to get heard on Google’s organic results has been amplified further by the recent changes.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are becoming increasingly less visible above the fold on Google’s SERP, with priority now given to paid ad positions. These changes have caused a negative effect on businesses even in some of the high-ranking organic results positions.

Businesses that are still struggling to get heard on Google through SEO alone are now in a position to decide whether or not to invest in Google’s Adwords service to attempt to climb amongst the paid ranks in order to drive traffic to their business’ website.

The recent SERP changes mean that many businesses will need to begin to implement AdWords as part of their business’ advertising structure in order to stay ahead of the competition.

However, AdWords is a service that many may find challenging to configure unless you have the technological knowledge or the help of an expert to set up the service. Without previous experience in setting AdWords up, you may have no idea how you would possibly go about configuring Google’s settings to integrate AdWords into your business’ online setup.

FDC Studio has industry expertise in digital marketing with direct access to Google. As Google Partners, FDC have the required knowledge to help your business to set up AdWords and get you marketing your products and services online.

Advantages of PPC

One advantage of using PPC advertising as opposed to SEO is that you are able to target your intended audience directly with a high degree of specificity. Marketing through Google’s Adwords service is also a measurable feat, allowing you to analyse marketing strategies which are working for you and which ones are not which will enable you to plan and implement future campaigns.

Driving traffic to your business’ website is also a faster process through PPC advertising than through SEO. It is instant in comparison to implementing a SEO strategy which may take months to fulfil.

We can also offer many other services and tools which will further help you reach your audience and build your brand online with the goal of generating traffic to your website in order to create sales of your products or services.

FDC can help you if you are unsure about this vital process in marketing your products and services. You can contact FDC here or call 01164 244 244 for more information and see what great benefits FDC can offer your business.

Why Struggling Businesses Need to Embrace PPC Advertising


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