11 November 2015


Google AdWords for Startups - Part 3: Benefits of AdWords

Benefits of using AdWords

There are lots of different benefits of using Google’s Pay-Per-Click platform, here are our top reasons to use Adwords.  

1 - Potential to reach a large audience

Google is without a doubt the most used search engine, so advertising with them is a great opportunity for almost any type of business as they are able to reach not only a big audience, but an audience that is likely looking for a particular product or service. You have the licence to target millions of visitors, it will just depend on your audience and budget.

2 - Cost effective

Obviously there is no minimum budget, and in some cases using AdWords can be expensive, but if it’s done right, you can reach an audience you never knew you had for an effective price. You choose the amount you want to spend, you set the daily budget (that will not overpass) and you only have to pay when somebody actually clicks on your advert. Another important thing to remember is you don’t have to pay to display your ad, whereas you would have to if you chose to advertise through newspaper, print or television.

3 - You can measure just about everything

Google AdWords gives you access to lots of information. Various metrics are available at the AdWords home dashboard, and even more when you get to the campaign page. On the home dashboard you are able to access a ton of important metrics on your campaigns. A few of these include:

  • Number of impressions (How many times people saw your ad)

  • Number of interactions (If people clicked on your ad)

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) of your ad (This is the number of times people clicked on your ad, divided by the number of impressions. It gives you an idea of your ad’s performance)

  • Your CPC (Cost Per Click) (This is the average amount you are spending for every click your ad gets)

  • Your overall cost (Total you have paid for your ad)

4 - Scheduling capabilities

Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to schedule your ads, so you can show your ad during certain times of the day. For example, if your ad is based on business-to-business you may want to only show your ad on business days. Or if your largest audience are in a different time zone, you may want to schedule your ads at peak times in their country.

5 - Geo-targeting

Google lets you target your audience geographically by using the “geo-targeting tool” so you can decide where you want your ad to appear.

For example, you are an estate agent operating in London, you don’t want your ad to appear in Sheffield because the chances of someone in Sheffield wanting to buy a home in London are slim, we’re not saying it doesn’t happen but you would be much better off concentrating on advertising in London. You can target by using post codes, city names, county names or even the mile radius from your business location.



If you are a small business owner, using the geo-targeting tool will be of great benefit because you don’t want to lose out on budget if you have a bunch of people clicking your ad that aren’t local, this would use up your daily budget to people who will probably never buy your product.

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