29 October 2015

News and Events


As we are a registered Google Partner we had the opportunity to go along to Google's offices in London to present alongside Google to a wide range of companies about online marketing and automation.

We were inundated with people wishing to attend, however this time we were only able to take 15 companies. We invited a mixture of our current clients and potential customers along to watch our online marketing and automation presentation.

The representatives at Google did a 30 minute presentation explaining how online consumer spending is continuously changing, and how companies need to adapt to these changes to ensure the traffic arrives on their site.

Check out some of the 2015 online stats Google shared with us;

  • As many as 88% of consumers are researching items online and then buying in a physical store
  • 20% increase in mobile’s share of online sessions
  • 18% decrease in time spend per visit
  • 29% increase in mobile conversion rates
  • 61% now prefer news on a PC, tablet, laptop or mobile to newspaper
  • 3 hours 41 minutes more time spent online than watching TV per day
  • 2.4% drop in high street footfall in 2013
  • The average brit spends 110 hours per month online
  • 27% of all online sales are made on a mobile device

Change in consumer behaviour now means we are a multi device nation!

  • 63% of people now watch TV and surf the internet at the same time
  • 90% move between devices to accomplish a goal

Due to the online world developing, it now means the buying process has changed. Before, customers would follow a linear buying process, but now they use the internet as their hub; researching, reading reviews, checking social media, watching videos, visiting other stores. 

With everything online constantly adapting and consumer spending changing, it is imperative companies keep their traffic and nurture them into a purchase. It's the companies job to lead the customer through the buying stages.  In our next blog, we will share with you how to turn your non-buying visitors into customers with the help of marketing automation. 


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