15 June 2011


The Wii Number Two

It's plain and simple that video games are a huge part of our lives. The video game industry is huge and we are constantly seeing advancements in already mind blowing technology.

When I was younger I was a big video game fan, a boy of the noughties there were two options, Nintendo or Sony PlayStation. Personally I always leant toward a PlayStation, its subconscious I don't know why I was lead towards it but I was. For me other games consoles were inferior and in part I still think it's the case. 

In past years I have lost interest in gaming, but I still like enjoy playing on consoles every now and again. Three years ago after nearly a decade out of the picture, Nintendo were back with a revolutionary bit of kit - it was called the Wii. 

I don't need to explain what a Wii does because it's pretty obvious, but the other companies were playing catch up and caught up they have. Microsoft created an edition to their Xbox, the Kinect. Instantly controllers were deemed useless the person playing the game literally has become the controller.

Since the release of the Kinect sales in the Nintendo Wii have dropped dramatically, once again people have leaned away from Nintendo. The introduction of their new console the Wii U will be music to a lot of people's ears. Like I said earlier I am a Sony fanatic but a couple of years ago my dad bought a Wii for himself, he thought it would be fun and a good buy. 

Dare I say, when there's a family occasion the Wii does come in useful and I definitely see the point in having a Wii for families as they're a great way to entertain everyone.

Okay less of the anecdotal speech. The new Wii, what should we expect? It's a completely new system. The most considerable change is the new controller - are you ever sat around  playing on your video game when your mother or father come in and take control of the television and in turn you have to stop playing, annoying isn't it. Nintendo have solved this problem by integrating a second screen into the controller. So you can carry on playing, this sounds awesome and is a great idea. To find out more information about the Wii U check the BBC News article I have read. 

The controller changes the way you play games, it not only is a second screen, but it also works with the console as part of the video game experience because the screen is touch sensitive it enables you to manipulate things just like a normal controller, the difference is each game can have its own interface on the controller that best suits it. I personally like the look of the golf game, where you put the controller on the floor and it becomes the ball - nice touch.

Plans for Christmas are already underway could this be a huge seller this season who knows. Once again it seems as though Nintendo have changed the way we play games, and be certain of this Sony and Microsoft will not just roll over, changes to their consoles will be made to keep them up to date.  Keep a look out for future updates on the Nintendo Wii U - it would also be good to hear your thoughts.


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