15 August 2014


We Do Things The FDC Way

Digital marketing is so often misunderstood, the misinterpretation of it being identical to any kind of marketing, except on the internet and in a digital form would, admittedly, make sense. However, this isn’t what digital marketing is. Ordinary marketing involves “talking to” its clients. Whereas, through digital marketing’s cleverly designed process, we able to “talk with” our clients.

We take our job and digital marketing very seriously and that is why we always abide to the following steps below:

Step 1, Equality

We put our clients first and ensure that work is completed not only to the highest quality, but also quickly and efficiently, this means that we strive to build strong bonds and lasting relationships. We understand that clients are not only investing in but also trusting us to deliver and we do everything in our power to make sure that together we achieve what we set out to do. We won’t rest until you are satisfied and 100% happy with your ROI.

Step 2, Being Engaging

With the continuous developments in technology there will always be many different ways to market something, with many different platforms at our disposable. This is obvious to everyone. However, the real question is how to get noticed or maybe more importantly how to go viral? First you must engage your audience; this can be done by making something that is relatable, that resonates that of everyday human nature, maybe even something that makes people laugh?

The public generally want to be a part of something and feel as if they belong, engaging on a personal level. This is where being relatable comes in to play. Without realising it; individuals are subconsciously fully interacting with the advertisement from the word go.

You do have to be careful and avoid harassing people to engage, as people will walk, which is not ideal for anyone. Through clever techniques you have to coax people in and make them want to engage and make sure it’s something they will enjoy. You’ve all seen silly clips on YouTube go viral. For example you wouldn’t think adorable cat videos would go viral, but they do, why? Because we can relate them, we’d all laugh at a cat falling over, right? We use this to our client’s advantage.

(Photo courtesy of: living-optional)

Step 3; Always Remain Up To Date

We have to ensure that we always remain up to date and are one of the first to know about new technology and developments in the digital world. This means that we can always provide the best service to our clients.  

We do this by remaining as thorough as possible whilst researching, continuously altering our work methods and taking full consideration of what the client want and expect from us.

We also understand that what works well for one client and a particular industry, is not necessarily the same for another. Therefore we not only stay ahead of the game but always tailor our services to a particular client, so that they are getting the most out of their investment with us.

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