15 August 2014


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Amateurs and pros can both benefit from digital marketing events across the UK. Not only can you discover more about digital marketing without the tedious research but you can also keep up to date with the latest developments.


Each year for the last four years in Brighton there has been a Digital Marketing Festival known to the regulars as ‘BDMF’. Attendees go with the hope of discovering new ways to up their game in the digital marketing industry and avoid incredibly monotonous mind-numbing tasks spending hours researching on the internet.

BDMF offers you an opportunity to learn about digital marketing in an active, interesting, and enjoyable manner. There is always a multitude of speakers from successful companies such as; Smart lnsights and Financial Times, which is followed by inspiring workshops. There really is something for everyone if you’re interested in this industry, and there insightful works really do rub off onto its visitors.

BDMF is carried out through multiple venues and is certainly a worthwhile event to take part in if you wish to learn more. The festival offers a chance to experience new techniques head on, and a chance to learn new skills just within a few short hours.

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How this helps us

FDC always keep an eye out for events such as these, as it is important to us to keep up to date with the latest developments in our industry and build strong lasting relationships with influential people and businesses. As ultimately this will have a positive effect on our clients.

We think that events such as these are a great way to either learn new skills or to see what methods are being improved or are becoming popular. It is another prodigious opportunity for FDC to gain further experience in the digital marketing world, and when opportunities like this arise it would be wasteful not to take advantage of them.

We believe from attending we can extend our knowledge and are able to implement this to our ambitious, forward-thinking motive; in other words, digital marketing events are just another way which FDC can continue to improve from on a regular basis.

Through seeing what methods are popular we can compare them to our own and even think about whether some methods showcased would be more appropriate for particular clients of ours; meaning we are able to complete works for our clients in a way that would best suit them, and ensure the utmost top quality.

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