14 April 2011


Spotify Halve Their Allowance

Music is a big part of the day to day here at FDC, the majority of the creative department are usually found with earphones hanging out of their ears. 

It's no wonder that all of them are using Spotify to listen to music, it's a given, if you want to have free music nowadays you use the Spotify service. 

Today they have cut their allowance in half, now people who are using the free service are only allowed to listen to ten hours of music per month, compared to 20 before the new legislation was in place. This has no doubt infuriated some of Spotfy's customers. Personally, I am not that bothered.

It seems silly, I use Spotify everyday so I could use a 20 hour allowance up within a week easily, so ten hours for me would just be pointless. This is why about six months ago I decided to pay for the ultimate service, £9.99 a month, seems pretty affordable to me. Add that to the prospect of listening to Spotify on my iPhone and I think I've got a pretty good deal.

Come on people, you can't expect something to be legal and be free, that's just praying for something that isn't going to happen. Well, not any time soon anyway. 

Currently, Spotify says it has sixmillion users in the UK, one million of which are using the premium services. Spotify sees its free service as a feeder to the paid for options, Daniel Ek, Spotify's co-founder said: "we are constantly trying to get people to pay but we prefer using carrots rather than sticks".

For me, even at £9.99 per month it's still the cheapest way to listen to music legally. Take the plunge and put your money where your mouth is.


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