14 January 2011


A Self-Confessed App Lover

iPhones have revolutionised mobile phone usage by bringing new technology to our fingertips.

For companies who want to further their brand awareness and create new and improved routes for purchase information and products, apps provide the pivotal digital tool to do this.

I have an iPhone and I am a self-confessed app lover. I have a huge variety of apps ranging from a TV guide, social networking apps and addictive games. They're brilliant and are a great way of relinquishing boredom.

How did we cope with our old mobile phones that just enabled text messaging and phone calls? Now, I can look at maps, check my Twitter account, play games and check the news.

When apps were first introduced in 2008, 500 were available and none were downloaded in the first year. Since then numbers have risen dramatically. In October 2010 it was calculated that there were more than 300,000 apps available and the download traffic has since increased to above seven million. The market is huge.

Currently FDC is developing iPhone apps for clients in fields such as the travel and agricultural industries. We are hoping to further their digital marketing proposition by designing an app that allows customers to browse and purchase their products straight from their mobile phone.

Pretty cool really.


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