14 August 2014


Office Manager By Day; Singer With Killer Vocals By Night

FDC’s own Hannah Garner has a not-so secret double life, moonlighting as a singer in her group ‘The Roulettes’. This consists of three local Ashby ladies, who have killer vocals and a harmonious style that covers the soothing tones of motown to jumping rock ballads.

We caught up with Hannah to get the inside scoop on the band's beginnings and what the future holds for the power-trio.

(FDC) - So Hannah, how did you guys come up with the name for your band?

(H) - Well, we had gone through hundreds of potential names, but this one just sort of stuck. We are all big fans of the classic motown groups like The Supremes and The Marvelettes, so found this to be a gentle nod to these legendary singers.

(FDC) - How did you all meet each other and how long?

(H) - We have known each other for 7 years, performing for 6 years. I guess it was just through friends-of-friends, something clicked and we all decided that our voices should be heard. It has always been something that we have fun with, I think that it is important that you never stop having fun, or it’s not worth it!

(FDC) - What has been your favourite performance since you have been together?

(H) - We actually very recently performed in the Heather Music Festival, which is down the road from the FDC Headquarters. The festival was more to the alternative rock side, but they let us play it because we get the crowd dancing and having fun!

(FDC) - What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you guys when on stage?

(H) - I’m not sure where to start! We’ve had speakers blown, a few dodgy sounds go off mid-performance - all minor compared to when this rather drunk member of the audience knocked a speaker off the stage, which meant I had to hold it whilst performing! Nightmare!

(FDC) - OK, quick fire round, The Beatles or One Direction?

(H) - Beatles! 100%!!

(FDC) Britney or Madonna?

(H) - Madonna of course, she’s a classic; we do love Tina Turner as well, any powerful female singers!

(FDC) - On stage outfit, Black or white clothes?

(H) - I’m going to have to say black; I like the glam rocker look when I’m on stage!

(FDC) What advice would you give to new bands?

(H) - Perform because you love doing it; never go in it just for the money! There are times when its stressful setting up or something doesn’t quite go your way, but as soon as you get up on stage and sing you remember how good it can be!

(FDC) - So Hannah, what can we expect for the future of The Roulettes?

(H) - We have some very exciting news that is shaking up the whole way we do things, BUT, I cannot make any comments on this right now, so you will have to like us on Facebook to keep updated on what the news is!

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