18 October 2011


Noah and the Whale at the O2 Academy in Leicester

Last night I went to the O2 Academy in Leicester to watch Noah and the Whale. It was the first time I’d heard the band live and it was my first visit to the Leicester venue and do you know what? It was a brilliant night. 

Although the weather was awful and it was a quite a walk from where I live – it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and my love for the band has increased even more. Leicester’s O2 Academy is something of a hidden gem within the city. I didn’t really even know it existed I genuinely just thought it was an addition to the University of Leicester’s students union and that it was out of bounds to the majority. 

The tickets were extremely affordable and the venue itself is large enough to really belt the music out but still has an intimate feel. I’d definitely make another trip back to the venue in future. 

Plus, Noah and the Whale were awesome. 



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