2 August 2011


A New Tablet on the Scene

As time has gone by since the launch of the first iPad other companies have been playing catch up. Now, it’s the release of RIM’s answer to the tablet; the BlackBerry Playbook. Is it any good, is it better than the iPad, this is what I am going to try and answer.

The iPad has been around for a while now, and with millions sold the sales figures speak for themselves. Other competitors have been working hard to try and join them in the new tablet market but they all seem to have come up short. The Samsung Galaxy and the Motorala Xoom didn’t do enough to force people to move away from the Apple iPad.

There is now a new slate: the BlackBerry Playbook, and as a huge BlackBerry admirer and using one as my personal phone for nearly four years now; I was hugely looking forward to seeing what people thought of this new tablet.

I have owned a iPad2 for about four months now, so I feel like I can honestly give my opinion on the tablet market; especially the iPad2.

My scepticism was two-fold: would I find a constant use for my tablet and would it replace a laptop? Both questions I now answer with a resounding yes because I am a light computer user, in my down time my main use for my laptop was surfing the net and keeping in touch via social media; something which the iPad excels at.


  • It has a proven design and interface
  • Large screen
  • Thousands of apps


  • No flash
  • Expensive
  • Poor camera quality

The Playbook is the closest thing to a competitor to the iPad2 at the moment, so what does it have? The seven inch screen has an exceptional resolution and because the tablet supports Flash browsing the internet is a seamless experience. Other tablets that have tried to take on the iPad2 have failed in part because they have priced themselves out of the market something which the Playbook hasn’t done. They cost exactly the same as the iPad2 and also have various sizes in terms of memory. This means at last we have a true competitor.


  • Supports Flash
  • Quick processor for using multiple programmes
  • Portable
  • Hardware quality is second to none
  • Intuitive link up with BlackBerry smartphones


  • No Native email
  • Not enough applications at the moment
  • No 3G
  • Has been known to crash easily

Well the verdict is a resounding one: the Playbook has come and has made the Apple team slightly nervous, but it isn’t quite good enough to really knock Apple and the iPad2 off its pedestal. One thing it has proved though is that it can be done, and by all means the Playbook will sell, but it just hasn’t got the whole package yet to offer an iPad2 alternative.


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