17 March 2011


It Could be Time to Start Scanning

If there wasn't enough already, there is a new way of gaining information - this technology is pretty cool.

A QR code is a specific matrix code, or a two dimensional code, which provides unique information about a certain thing. QR basically means 'quick response'. The only time I have previously seen this technology used was when I had a BlackBerry.

Using the BlackBerry Messenger software you are able to instant message other BlackBerry users for free. Each BlackBerry has a unique pin number. In one version of the software you also have barcode functions - instead of entering a pin number into your phone, you simply just take a photo of the person's barcode who you wanted to add, it's then automatically put into your contacts. Cool hey?

This was the first time I'd seen this technology and since then it hasn't really got off the ground - apart from Japan, where it's been huge.

Yesterday, it was mentioned in the office and suddenly boom, we were all interested and everyone was talking about it.

We're thinking about how we could use this to help with our clients' marketing strategies. It has real potential for companies wanting to find new ways of marketing their brand.

Pepsi was one of the first brands to give QR codes a go, putting the barcode on the back of Pepsi bottles. It didn't really go as it was expected to because the technology was new. They had trouble defining how the process works in such a small space on the side of the bottle.

Pepsi do seem to have made some short falls when they had the campaign designed. In an article (link to article) about the Pepsi campaign it explains how simple changes could make the overall experience more positive for the users.

Over the coming months, I believe this idea might start making an impression on business, globally. Although, at the moment it is only big in Japan but due to the mass market of smart phones and the amount of information that can be incorporated into the QR code, I think it will be only a matter of time before it is everywhere.

All I can say is: watch this space.


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