15 September 2011


Honey I Shrunk the Yellow Pages

Can you remember when you were younger and if you needed someone’s number you’d hear your parents shout “get the yellow pages”? I certainly can, and these days it isn’t the case. Today we use a different medium. That medium is predominantly search engines or more specifically our friend Google. 

Have you seen the Yellow Pages today? I remember when I was small I used to use the great book to reach places I usually couldn’t. It was great for getting up on to that table where the cakes were kept. Now though it’s a different story and I feel sorry for the cheeky children of today who are after such sweet delicacies and haven’t got such a device to stand on. The Yellow Pages is now a quarter of the size it once was. 

What I am getting at is not my love for large books or cakes but the fact that SEO has taken all the customers that used to pay through the nose to advertise in the Yellow Pages and other directories. Now, you can pay half that fee to have a search marketing expert take control of your website and make sure it gets the amount of awareness it needs. 

Not only do I feel sorry for the children that are playing on computers rather than the local park but they also don’t have the liberties we once had. If you have read this post with not only a nostalgic twinge but you understand that your company could benefit from a chat with Alex Mason, our in house search marketing expert then feel free to contact us either by emailing us at info@fdcstudio.co.uk or calling us on 0844 414 2687.

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