31 October 2011


Have a Great Halloween

So, it’s that one spooky night where it’s okay to dress up like a fool with your children and walk around the streets eating as much sweet stuff as you possibly can. Halloween is here, and here at FDC we’re hoping you make the most out of it.

As a lot of you are probably aware – FDC are hosting their first ever competition and it’s posting your pumpkins (Halloween Lanterns) on our Facebook Fan Page. The winner wins a huge and awesome hamper from the very special Fortnum & Mason, and a load of people who we think put an extra bit of effort into their lanterns will get a FDC mug (Our Green Monsters) just a way of us saying thank you to everyone who took part.

Have a great night, and keep on posting all your Halloween stuff on our page. We love to look at it!



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