23 February 2011


Everyone Loves Music, But Is Everyone a Music-Lover?

I am fascinated by music taste, music fans and music lovers, and I think that people should embrace what other people listen to. The reason I am saying this is because there is such varied music taste at our FDC office in Leicestershire, and some listeners are more broadminded than others.

As a self-confessed music-lover, I appreciate good music - not just a specific genre. A person who is open-minded, who is always willing to listen to new music and who isn't judgemental about what other people listen to is a real music-lover in my book.

I don't know if my theory is correct. All I know is that I can listen to anything. My real love is rock 'n' roll music, but then again, music sets my mood, and my mood sets my music taste, so depending how I feel at that specific moment"¦ that defines what I listen to.

You have to be unbiased to be a real music-lover. So next time someone plays a song that isn't what you would usually listen to, give it a chance. Don't let the stereotype take you over! Otherwise you are only stereotyping yourself; and a stereotyping is never good.

Music is therapeutic. Songs can shape your mood and they can be a link to your past - they can take you away to that better (or worse) place. Music is often judged and it shapes people's perceptions of others. In order for any creative space to thrive we should appreciate each other's music enthusiastically.


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