4 November 2011


Do A Barrel Roll: Google spins out of control

The internet is awash with weird and wonderful amusements and the latest thing that’s got geek and geekettes hooked is searching for “Do a barrel roll” in Google. Go ahead and try it out- we’ll be waiting… (Only applicable to Firefox and Google Chrome users) 

Do a barrel roll

Oh thanks for coming back. Pretty neat, huh? It’s had millions of users hitting Google all day and night, and is just the latest in a series of search functions that return more than what users were expecting. Designed by one of Google’s software engineers to entertain users, ‘do a barrel roll’ is actually meant to showcase the presentation power of the CSS3 on the latest web browsers.The hunt is now on to find out who the designer is...

It’s not the first time Google have sneakily played with our searches. Visitors searching for “anagram” will be asked “Did you mean: nag a ram?” Oh Google, how we laughed! Throughout Thursday, ‘do a barrel roll’ was trending all over the world on Twitter. Once again we are reminded of the power of social media’s reach across the world.

What you'll also notice is the first search result for "do a barrel roll". The Daily Mail were obviously quick off the mark and posted an article about it within hours, capitalising on the temporary heightened search demand for the phrase. For business owners, this is a prime example of how optimising your website; opening it up to the web; providing people with the content they're searching for; and using social platforms to extend your reach, can drastically change your fortunes.

Perhaps we'll see the Mexican wave next...

Happy Friday Everyone!


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