11 October 2011


The BlackBerry Isn't in Motion; It’s Stagnant

I’ve been a BlackBerry fan for a number of years; I’ve owned three, and even my latest one I swapped for my iPhone. As many of you are probably aware; I am rather large fan of Apple products.

But what I like about BlackBerrys is their simplicity and reliability. They can do what most other phones do, most of the time to a high standard, yet they still retain the essence of a simple to use mobile phone that make calls and send messages without any of the fancy or superflous extras.

I use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), emails and the internet on my phone, and when I went to send a quick message to somebody yesterday, merely asking how their day was going, to my astonishment the message wasn’t delivered. Now, alarm bells started ringing in my head; have I done something wrong, do I owe Orange any more money; my contract is an obscene amount of money per month (phone companies: help us out). There was plenty of worry going on in my head, and yet the message still remained undelivered whilst I could make calls and send texts still. Instantly BlackBerry lost its vital component in retaining customers: reliability.

I’m sad to announce, but it seems that RIM’s BlackBerry has died its death and I am no longer the avid fan. If you’re selling point is reliability and ability to send and receive messages efficiently, securely and quickly then you have to make sure that it always stays that way. Too often of late have I been switching my BlackBerry on and off because something isn’t sending.

I never had this problem with my iPhone.

I’ve got a HTC Desire as a work phone, and I have had an iPhone for one year up until swapping it for my current BlackBerry and all of the phones have good and bad points – but overall, it pains me to say it but Apple have done it again.

I think RIM could do with a little research into the smartphone market because right now the BlackBerry isn’t in motion… it’s stagnant.



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