15 February 2011


The Benefits of Business Apps

There are many advantages of having an iPhone app for your business; they're more than just another way of getting your company's name out there.

Instant satisfaction

We all love fast services. If your company or business has an iPhone app then you're right where the customer needs you. It's very easy for someone to get in touch with you and your products.

Ease of use

iPhone apps are easy and enjoyable to use - this makes an iPhone app for business even more desirable. The more enjoyment the user receives in using your business app, the better the relationship is with your customers. This can translate into higher sales and revenue.

Attract new customers

In any business, attracting new customers and having them aware of the benefits of your products is the key to producing more sales. With a well-developed iPhone app, companies can advertise their service to a growing tech savvy audience. This can be your innovative way to present your company to the market place, plus it will help with your company's brand recognition.

Increase revenue

All businesses are there to make money. A well designed iPhone app can present your company with new and exciting ways to increase profits and sales, in addition to current products.

Enhance customer experience

Visitors can benefit from being able to access your company's service in a very easy way. Your iPhone app can have a feature that lets a customer or user send a message to your company, day or night, from your business app. This keeps the communication lines open 24/7 and this is a big benefit for any business.

Statistics on apps

- One million smartphones will be purchased by 2013

- The smartphone app market was estimated to have reached 2.2 billion dollars in the first six months of 2010

- There are 800,000 apps in the Android market (an online software store developed by Google for Android devices) and 300,000 in the Apple market place.


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