4 April 2011


Are you ready for space?

I have just spent the last half hour researching the future possibilities of space flight, and more specifically, Virgin Galactic.

Entrepreneur Richard Branson has been a household name for many years, mainly for his work in the music industry and for his Virgin Group brand of companies. Over the last decade his Virgin Atlantic Airways airline has played a huge part in travel technology. 

In 2013 Virgin Galactic - Branson's sub-orbital spaceflights division - plans to send its first flight to space in a revolutionary Virgin Galactic spaceship. It feels strange using 'spaceships' in a legitimate way - usually the word is associate with ambiguity, but in this case I am 100 per cent serious.

What fascinates me is: what will the reception to the release of Virgin Galactic be like? Will the affluent populations now be planning a trip to space, instead of their usual summer holiday? 

It will be an epic six minutes of their lives, even though six minutes is a pretty short period of time. Okay, the whole experience will last about a day, but the amount of time they are actually in space will be pretty minimal. We have yet to hear a price for such an excursion, but it will no doubt be extortionate.

The base for all of this wonderful technology is in the middle of the New Mexico desert in the USA. My theory is that international families, and groups, who are willing to fork out the money can enjoy a holiday in the USA plus a bonus day out in space. 

Over the next 12 months there will be plenty of information passed around about this groundbreaking technology. If you want to read more about Virgin Galactic check out the videos and read the articles - it's pretty mind-blowing stuff if I am honest.


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