23 May 2010


Are you one of the 60+ Midlands companies unwittingly facing an imminent security breach?

Even if people don't choose to use us, we always warn website customers to approach so-called web development companies with caution. Why?

Well, would you go to your local GP for open heart surgery?

The wrong choice of web developer and designer may not cost you your life, but might risk the end of your business -as is the case for more than 60 unsuspecting companies, mostly in the Midlands region. Want to know why they're each risking a fine of 40,000 Euros?

FDC's managing director Dale Moreton had his worst fears about the inexperience of web development companies confirmed a couple of weeks ago.

Having worked in all four corners of the globe, and as the managing director of a successful full service design agency, Dale has always had his reservations about the ever-multiplying mass of web development companies out there.

Dale explains: "We took on a new client who had been badly let down by his last web developers. We asked the client to call the developers for the codes we needed to take over the site, but he was given a lot more besides.

"With the information our new client passed to us, we currently have it in our power to wipe out more than 60 clients' websites with the click of a button. Can you imagine how many customers' card details these websites hold?"

"As if that's not bad enough, there are also implications for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

"Should a security breach occur on any e-commerce website as a result of this oversight, it renders useless any actions these website owners have taken to become PCI DSS-compliant.

"If there is so much as one security breach on a site, each business could be facing a fine of up to 40,000 euros - and all through no fault - or knowledge - of their own.

"Sadly, this is a relatively common occurrence. Why?

"Because web developers are just that - designers of websites. They are generally NOT versed in e-commerce legislation and don't understand the ins and outs of fraud prevention. So do yourself a favour - spend a little more, make sure and avoid a fine that could seriously damage your commercial future. Talk to us today on 0844 414 2687!

"The rules of PCI are many, they're complex, but they MUST be followed to the letter. If you're new to on-line selling, the complexity is nothing short of terrifying.

"Some of this is well within your control.  Find out how you can become PCI DSS-compliant.

"However, there comes the inevitable point where you have to pass some of the responsibility over to whoever is designing and developing your website.

"You may have been impressed by the pretty design suggestions put to you by singularly-focused web development companies, but can you be sure they know what they're doing when it comes to PCI DSS? It's not enough for them to be great designers and encoders - they need to know the rules."

"Unlike these web developers, FDC has a secret weapon. Not only are we a full service design agency, but because we have digital division, we have gone to great lengths to understand the ramifications of building shopping cart environments. We have partnered with Evolution Security Systems who is the quality security assessor for prestigious names, such as Whitbread, Wilkinsons, Cotton Traders and The Perfume Shop.

"If you're wondering what it's like to have information stolen from your site, TJX, the US outfit of TK Maxx, had 45.6 million credit card details stolen. Costs, including technical repair - as well as a wide-reaching PR campaign - ran into the millions." Read more here.


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