18 October 2011


Are we in the future yet?

News of Richard Branson opening the world’s first Spaceport is surely evidence of mankind’s further progress into a future of space travel, cosmic exploration, and endeavours into the unknown. A mere 40 years ago, this kind of talk would have been the stuff of pipedreams and dodgy sci-fi films. So, with all of the talk, ideas, and theories about the future abound, when will we actually experience the future as the present? According to reports, the Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport will offer customers 2.5 hours of flight time, including 5 minutes of weightlessness, all for a poultry $200,000 a go. That sounds like a lot, but then isn’t the future worth a bob or two, after all?

Putting ideas of time-space non-linearity aside, on a pragmatic level I am interested in the idea of reaching a point in human history when we no longer consider the future to be out-of-reach. That’s an idea which is clearly manifest in the financially-led world of the present; businesses want their targets realised in half the time, customers want their products yesterday, and providers are constantly looking to stay ahead of the game. In the marketing world, and SEO in particular, we feel the pressure perhaps more than most to turn future ideals into present value.

Take for instance link building. Its purpose is to generate high quality backlinks with a view to increasing a site’s authority, and ultimately increase search ranking. So what happens when your domain authority is 100 and you rank at #1 on every search engine going for all of your keywords? (Would that ever even happen???) Does that mean you have reached your goal? Have you secured your future success forever? I’d like to think so, but undoubtedly that just isn’t the case.

No, the future is the future for a reason. Whatever your philosophy on the metaphysics of time and space, one thing is for sure- you might think you’ve hit the big time, and you may do for a short while, but soon enough something bigger and better will come along and you’ll soon realise the future has well and truly left you in the past. Happy thinking!


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