25 July 2010


The Words on Everybody's Lips...Retention Email Marketing

Did you know that it costs four to seven times more to gain a new customer than to keep an old one?

After our last newsletter which landed in your inbox just a couple of weeks ago, and the success story it spelt of Ola Holidays and their 1:4 return on investment, we thought it was only fair that we gave the rest of you the chance to put some more hard cash in your back pockets. 

So how do you fancy improving your bottom line revenue by 25-30 per cent, without having to do any extra work? This is what retention email marketing can do for you.

Recently, a number of our other clients have jumped on the retention email marketing band-wagon to experience what FDC can do for them and their marketing campaigns.

Our forward-thinking industrial clients, Aerotherm, have signed a deal with us to increase sales from existing customers, to increase their profitability and to ensure continual growth within their business. 


Allcott Associates, one of the Midlands' most highly-respected and trusted independent building consultancies, has returned to FDC following the design and creation of their website, to actively market their business using our retention email marketing strategies.

To understand why these companies put their faith in FDC to take care of their marketing campaigns, we have put together the guide to answer all of your questions, allowing you to get in on a piece of the action.

Download your guide to retention email marketing.

Watch this space to see more case studies of how we have solved another of our client's marketing problems, and why you'd be a fool not to get your foot through the door and start earning some not-so hard earned cash!


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