21 June 2011


Why Some Clients Succeed

If you're wondering what's important to take note of if you're a company who is looking into what FDC can offer then this article is meant to help you understand what we can do; by explaining what we have done.

Recently we have had some great feedback from one of our clients who came to us with a major issue and lots of want for change. The Westbourne Centre is an innovative cosmetic surgery consultancy based in Birmingham and over recent months they have turned their luck around, now four months since the launch of their new website things are looking up for the cosmetic surgery consultants, with a 420 per cent increase in sales over the period.

Okay, so what are the steps that people or businesses need to take in order to achieve online success:

Don't be too hasty

On the internet you get nothing overnight, it's important to learn the way of the internet. Nothing happens over a few hours, online success is achieved organically over time with a well-planned out marketing proposition.

Clients always come to us with this idea that they have seen on the internet, 'get great Google rankings quick' or 'increase sales quickly with a new website'. In reality our clients need to be brought back down to earth so we can set in motion a realistic approach and ultimately an approach that works.

When you come to us with an idea or a plan never have the mind-set that you will see instant results because you'll only be disappointed.

Understanding SEO

It's not important to become a search engine genius, but it is a good idea to begin to understand how it works so you aren't left feeling as though you don't know what is going on when the project is completed.

Essentially SEO is as important to a website as the branding or the design and what many people do is expect too much too soon from it.

Moving up the search engine rankings takes time and it's a case of sitting and watching as you slowly creep up to the first page.

Another thing to remember is just because your website is designed in a way that works well with search engines and in turn allows more people to visit your site that doesn't mean that your phone will instantly start ringing. Ultimately whether you increase your sales is down to how good your product is, not how good your website is.

Working together

One thing that is important when you are part of a web design project is to work with your design agency. There's nothing worse than having a client that is hard to get hold of or isn't interested in talking about your queries.

Especially as a copywriter there needs to be a working relationship in place, when I write copy for a client I aim to put myself in the company's shoes to make sure I get the content exactly right. This is difficult when you can't speak to anyone or they do not provide adequate information. 


Baring all that in mind, if you remain patient with your new website and if you've communicated and been involved in the project from the early stages the team at FDC will create exactly what you imagined. The rest is just a case of doing what you do best, selling your product just with a brand spanking new website to show it all off.

The team at the Westbourne Centre put these ideas into practice, and through esstentially going with the flow they are now reaping the rewards. It's great to see a client achieve what they have dreamt about and for the Westbourne Centre this has been the case. They are now looking at breaching out into other avenues such as social media and blogging - taking small steps is the key to not being overwelmed by taking on too much.


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