12 April 2011


What To Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are an integral part to modern life. The majority of young and old people use a mobile phone, and nowadays they come in all different shapes, sizes and with an array of functions.

SMS marketing is a form of marketing which slips under the radar to most people, but Mobile Marketing or SMS marketing is big business to some companies.

Marketing is everywhere. FDC spend a lot of time marketing their own brand and marketing the brands of their clients. In recent years marketing has changed, with the introduction of the digital age, email marketing and web based advertising are taking hold of the marketing industry. 

FDC have been running successful email marketing campaigns for clients such as Ola Holidays and Eady Signs, both of them are really seeing the bonuses. Eady Signs have gained five new clients with revenue of around £12,000 pounds and Ola Holidays now see of a return of £4 for every pound they spend.

The digital age is taking over the traditional one; email marketing is cost effective, easily analysed and contains more information- but what about SMS marketing?

Do you ever get those unwanted text messages about a latest product or when a new sale starts? That's SMS marketing, when filling out a registration form or buying something over the internet - there's always a field for a mobile phone number and also a field to tick if you do not want to receive news via text message. This is important; once they have a number and the box is ticked companies will be able to pump information straight to a potential client's mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Is it successful enough to have a future?

From the outset yes, consumers will read a SMS message 94 per cent of the time and respond to the message 23 per cent of the time. Compare that to traditional forms of marketing - one per cent reply to broadsheet advertising or up to 10 per cent for well targeted direct mail. 

However, it isn't all clear skies for mobile marketing. In order to gain a lead you have to have some form of opt in marketing in place, in most cases this is through direct mail marketing. 

What's interesting about SMS marketing is its subtlety. It's completely free from the worry of being classed as spam, because it's an entirely opt-in-opt-out service, recipients have already stated their interest in a product by giving permission to be contacted.

FDC hasn't yet produced any SMS marketing for their clients, it's an interesting topic as it's a form of direct marketing that sometimes gets passed by.

There are plenty of avenues to go down in terms of marketing, and it's a pretty confusing task to try and distinguish which route is the right one for you. If you're confused, or want to be pointed in the right direction give FDC a call on 0844 414 2687.


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