15 June 2011


What Key Ingredients You Need For Online Success

People continually ask our team at FDC about what we do that is so special, how do we make a difference to companies who come to us for help. The answer's simple we use the foundations of FDC as an example and show clients what they can achieve when they start from scratch remembering not to leave anything out.

So what are the key ingredients?

1. A well designed website crafted to give visitors the best possible experience

2. Marketing advice, pointing them in the right direction in terms of content, social media and email marketing

3. Coherent brand, the importance of consistency and how people will begin to recognise your brand

4. SEO, arguably the  most important - many of our clients have resounding results in search engines thanks to optimised content and pages

There will be more to follow, interestingly we have had some great news regarding some of our existing clients and their stories will be with you shortly. If you need help or assistance about any of the things mentioned here, you should give us a call and have a chat"¦

If you would like information on other clients or what services we can offer then have a browse around our website.


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