26 October 2011


Twitter Has Changed Everything...

Now I know that not everyone is a football fan, or even for a sports fan. Maybe it’s because you don’t like the obscene amount they are paid to kick a ‘bag of wind’ around or maybe you just don’t like their uncharismatic, metrosexual and arrogant ways. I’ve heard it all before when I’ve spoken to people about football, and it always ends with me proclaiming: “Well, I love football, and always will.”

If you want to know your country or know your people then head down to the terraces on a blustery Saturday afternoon. One thing that is continually touched upon and in recent weeks has been hitting the back pages of the newspapers is racism. You would expect that we would have left this subject in the past but it seems to have resurfaced of late. First there was the issue with Patrice Evra in the Liverpool V Manchester United game two weeks ago, then more recently, there was a coming together between England captain John Terry and Anton Ferdinand.

So why am I mentioning this? Well I am talking about it because Stan Collymore allowed us all to see the amazing things and the abhorrent parts of social media. Free speech, free thought and voice for everyone – this can lead to problems.

I was sat on my BlackBerry browsing Twitter last night when something caught my attention. Stan Collymore, the ex-professional football and now football pundit had incited an argument on Twitter. An argument that spiralled out of proportion, and this argument that has shown that there is still a huge gap between where football is and where football wants to be.

Stan Tweeted: “I love twitter. Real people showing their true colours on any imaginable subject. Uncomfortable, yes, but better seeing them than not.”

When I was just 11 years old I was in the school football team our squad was pretty successful; after winning the final of the Rice Bowl Cup 3-1 we were presented with our prize and the footballer handing us our trophies was Stan Collymore.

I admire him for how he has taken to Twitter over the past few days, to not react and not make himself look bad (we all know that he has done that in the past). This time around he has just highlighted the horrendous thoughts of some of the English community who, ironically are cheering these footballers on a Saturday afternoon. With Twitter as a platform Stan Collymore has named and shamed these people who think it is right to abuse people in this way. Let’s not forget, what you put on Twitter can ultimately be beamed to everyone, so think before you tweet and Stan… keep shaming the ones that don’t think.


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