13 November 2011


Introducing... Think Insights with Google

Finding out what your potential customers want can be tricky, despite the fact that marketers have at their finger tips a vast amount of tools good and not so good. Google- you know that fledgling, shy and quiet search engine company- has yet again released a marketing insights tool which will inevitably make market research a whole lot easier.Think Insights with Google

So what is it?

On 11/11/11 Laura McClung on Google’s official blog announced the release of Think Insights with Google from beta. “TIG” is an excellent resource for online marketers, offering a multitude of new and different features, including:

  • White papers which address business topics pertinent to a wide range of industries 
  • Studies into specific business objectives, for example, driving online conversions and optimising the media mix
  • Real-time insights data tools which enables you to perform a number of critical searches against your industry’s keywords, charting it against location, demographic and how people are engaging with your industry through blogs and social media
  • Smartphone usage data to drive mobile application marketing strategies
  • Benchmarking tools to help you assess how well your online ad campaigns have performed
  • Fact finder tools designed to enhance business presentations, meaning you can always come up with a clever-sounding gem each time, e.g. “Every minute more than 500 Tweets contain YouTube links”

Think Insights Facts and Stats

What is particularly useful is the fact that the once distantly located tools Insights for Search and Adwords Keyword Tool are now easily found in one location, meaning that TIG acts as a hub for all our market research requirements. This is good news for marketers of the world who are serious about planning and executing thoroughly researched and measurable online campaigns, because it allows you to understand customer trends the world over, whilst offering excellent video and research content to whet our appetites.

FDC Studio’s search marketing team will be playing around with Think Insights with Google over the next couple of weeks whilst also carrying out analysis on Google+ pages, but we would love to hear how you are getting on with it and how useful you are finding it for your own market research. To talk to us, tweet us @FDCStudio and @adam_seo_cow


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