18 September 2014


Strength In Numbers – Do It The Ant Way!

Just for a second imagine that you are a small, fragile ant – going about your daily ant business (whatever that may be). Due to your size you have limited vision – please see the beautifully drawn image below:

X – represents you as an ant

Circle – represents your vision

If something is placed within the circle you will be able to see it, however, outside the circle you have no chance! I will take this opportunity to draw yet another beautiful image – Vincent Van Gogh eat your heart out!

In this image the purple X represents an ant eater. You won’t see the one outside the circle, and whilst you may be able to see the one inside the circle, it’s probably too late! Result? You end up being the ant eaters’ dinner!

It’s a big world out there

However, we are not just talking about the area displayed on this piece of paper, we are talking about the whole of the UK! Think about the area in which the UK covers and compare that to this piece of paper – you would need millions of pages just to cover one town, let alone the whole country. This makes your view as an ant even more limited! Just think about all the possible dangers (and not to forget opportunities) that you will miss!

Survival of the fittest

So the question is, how come there are so many ants in the world? We have all heard the saying, “strength in numbers” – this is how the ant species has survived. Yes, whilst the view is limited, because of the sheer volume of these creepy crawlies, if 10 are wiped out in one single step (even though it is sad for their families), this won’t have a dramatic effect on the population. The rate of which ants are reproducing is greater than them dying out – making them a pretty invincible species! Bet it’s feeling pretty good to be an ant right now?

Have we gone ant crazy?

So how does the ant world relate to digital marketing? Well, if you are not running complex digital marketing, unfortunately, you become like this ant with limited view. There is no point in taking care of just one element of digital marketing, you have to try and cover as many elements as you can. If you decide to just focus on SEO you will be a very lonely ant. One fatal step – you will die, no more ants! This is because you only have a limited amount of capacity. However, if you take care of many different elements, you are no longer alone – you will have many ant friends. Your species will survive, not because there are more of you to take care of the same aspect, but instead different ones. The quality of your work will improve. Therefore, changes in quantity have a positive effect on quality, and the bigger the change in quantity, the quicker the effect on the quality.

For example, running PPC AND SEO together, doesn’t just double the effort but also has multiple effects together.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your industry and how to market yourselves best, you won’t see all the dangers (competitors) and possibilities (chances to sell) out there. Whilst your fate is not as serious as the ant – you won’t become anyone’s dinner – the success of the business will suffer.

The solution

Like the ant, the solution is “strength in numbers” and with this comes better quality. We are not suggesting that you get yourself an ant army – that is just silly. What we do suggest is that you look into the many different avenues that come under digital marketing. This includes; direct marketing, PPC, SEO, viral marketing, affiliate etc. Ants are not only an example for the strength that comes in numbers but how we can use quantity – this way you don’t only have lots of ants, but an ant system.

Research is a key element in digital marketing. Get to know your industry and all the possible dangers and opportunities that are around. Don’t let the ant eater, or in your case the competitor, win!

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