21 March 2016


Social Media Marketing - More than just a Post!

Business on social media platforms is now more than just a post. Nowadays, businesses are required to implement and utilize marketing techniques that are ideal for social content and media marketing. Ranging from posts to live streaming, business on social media must be fully understood in order to succeed. As it is, with social media business, you can now measure data to see how well interactive are your customers and also know how best to improve business.

As Jayson DeMers says ‘Know what to measure’, indeed, doing business online now requires gathering data. Therefore there are a few steps you have to consider in order to market effectively on social media platforms:

  • Your website must be well designed, clear and precise. The content must be relevant and enticing to an audience.

  • You should create a business page and make sure the content is relevant and appealing to the audience.

  • You need to create and optimise content regularly.

  • You can make use of social commerce, utilise mobile marketing, and promote. This increases the number of visitors to your website with a potential to convert.

    Measuring data is crucial; to measure data from social media you can now use Google Analytics for social reports. Once data is measured, these Google Analytical tools will then give you an insight into your business performance on social media platforms.

There are a lot of techniques you need to consider when marketing on social media; indeed it is now more than just creating a page.

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Social Media Marketing - More than just a Post!


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