16 March 2016


Set Your Business Apart with Fantastic Digital Marketing Techniques

Mastering Digital Marketing is no easy job. In fact, business owners pick information up from people who may be misinformed about the techniques involved in ensuring the process is as seamless as possible.

A recent survey done across 300 variously ranked businesses in the world conducted by Stein IAS and Oracle Marketing Cloud, found that there is a considerable difference between businesses that have gotten to grips with Digital marketing trends and techniques, and those businesses that possibly need a bit more brushing up.

The results that came up as a result of the survey were astounding – 89% of business owners do not have an effective marketing strategy in place. It was also indicated in the results that the fault lay mainly in the communication and lack of integration with other processes.

For instance, although some businesses knew what the correct steps were that they had to undertake in order to have an effective marketing strategy, a lot of these automated processes were put in place without making other key team members in the business aware of it. This meant that even though some of the techniques being used were effective, the lack of seamlessness and integration made them less powerful and did not deliver the desired results.

It was also found that only 6% of at the 300 businesses surveyed were thought to really have their eye on the ball. This means that pretty much 94 of those businesses surveyed had the correct information, but did not know how to utilize it, practically rendering the information that they do know useless.

The results from the study has enabled researchers to coin 3 terms used for business owners who want to dapple in the world of Digital Marketing:

  1. The Digital Explorer: This is the level you probably don’t want to be at and describes the business owners who are slow at using digital techniques and tools.

  2. The Digital Pragmatist: The Pragmatist is a business that has adopted complex techniques but needs a push in the right direction to ensure achievement of better results.

  3. The Digital Master: This is the category you really want to be in and is the stage at which the business owner is fully adept in utilizing and getting results from their Digital Marketing Techniques. Only 6% of 300 businesses surveyed fell into this category, and the actual percentage worldwide could be even less!

But these worrying trends don’t just stop at Digital Marketing. Shockingly; 69% of the businesses surveyed do not carry out lead nurturing through data capture, but rely primarily on sales (whether that be face-to-face sales or telesales), meaning they are missing out on a massive population of people that could help them increase their revenue by just missing one simple step!

So, what’s the main take home message from this survey? Well, that depends - do you want to be a Digital explorer, pragmatist or master? Knowing which Digital Marketing techniques to utilize and then executing them is not enough. You need integration, communication and, most importantly idea generation and because this isn’t always easy, it’s important that if you want to take Digital Marketing efforts seriously, and you want others to take you seriously as well, you work with specialists in the industry, who can help you deliver a strategy that will give you the results that you want.

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Set Your Business Apart with Fantastic Digital Marketing Techniques


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